Housing Programs

  • We build homes in partnership with people who are unable to secure a conventional mortgage.
  • Habitat for Humanity is a non-denominational Christian housing ministry. Most labor is done by partner families and volunteers.
  • Habitat mortgages are interest free, saving buyers many thousands of dollars.
  • The monthly mortgage payments of our partner families go into a fund to help other families own their own homes.


Even if you think you may not qualify for Habitat Homeownership, we hope you will come to an Application Information Meeting and consider applying. You are always welcome to call our office at (252) 291-0816 if you have any questions.

In order to partner with Wilson Area Habitat for Humanity, an applicant must meet Habitat for Humanity’s four selection criteria:

  • Need for adequate housing
  • Ability to pay for a home
  • Willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity
  • Live or work in Wilson County

1. Need for adequate housing:
In order to partner with Wilson Area Habitat for Humanity, an applicant must currently live in housing that is inadequate.

For example:

  • The home is too small for the family and overcrowded.
  • Significant plumbing, electrical, heat/AC or structural problems.
  • Recurrent criminal activities near your home.
  • The cost of housing is a disproportionate amount of the monthly income.

2. Ability to pay for a home:
WAHFH homeowners buy their houses so they must be able to afford a monthly zero interest mortgage payment between $300 – $600. Applicants with excessive debt and outstanding judgements or liens are encouraged to resolve those matters before application. Homeowners must also agree to pay the down payment/closing costs related to the purchase of the home.
Homeowners must have a steady income history. Income may be from wages or other sources, such as disability or public assistance. Check out the chart below to see if your income is within our guidelines.

2017 Income Qualifications:

Number in Family Gross Annual Income
1 $12,060 – $27,300
2 $16,240 – $31,200
3 $20,420 – $35,200
4 $24,350 – $38,950
5 $26,300 – $45,100
6 $28,250 – $45,200
7 $30,200 – $48,300
8 $32,150 – $51,450

3. Willingness to Partner with Habitat for Humanity:
Habitat Homeowners enter into a partnership with WAHFH.
Family partnership requirements include:

  • Sweat equity (construction work, community service, and homeowner education) of up to 200 hours (for a 1-adult family) or 250 hours (for a 2-adult family)
  • Agreement to attend homeowner education workshops

4. Live or work in Wilson County
To qualify for Wilson Area Habitat Homeownership, applicants must have lived or worked in Wilson County for the previous 12 months.

The First Step
To receive an application, you must attend an Applicant Information Meeting – which is also an excellent opportunity to get answers to all of your questions about WAHFH home ownership. Please complete the following Homebuyer Interest Form and submit it to WAHFH.


You may call or come by the WAHFH office to fill out a Homebuyer Interest Form. Our physical address is 405 West Nash Street Suite 203, Wilson, NC.

For more info:  Call (252) 291-0816

Applicant Information Meetings are scheduled when homeowner opportunities become available. Future homebuyers will be notified by telephone when the next meeting is scheduled.

Formulario de Interés en Hacerse Propietario

Interested in becoming a Habitat homeowner? Please provide your contact information and we will let you know about upcoming opportunities to learn more and apply for homeownership.

¿Le interesa hacerse propietario de Hábitat? Favor de proveer su información de contacto y le haremos saber acerca de las siguientes oportunidades para aprender más y hacer su solicitud.

Homeowner repairs are available on a limited basis at this time. For guidelines and an application, please call (252) 291-0816 or send an email to director@wilsonhabitat.org

The selection of families who purchase homes from the Wilson Area Habitat for Humanity will be done by the Family Selection Committee in a way that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, handicap, religion or marital status.